[Cryptography] Imitation Game: Can Hollywood be fixed?

John Gilmore gnu at toad.com
Mon Jan 5 17:54:16 EST 2015

> Since The Imitation Game is playing & is quite likely to win some awards, 

... somebody should write up a master wiki list of all the things that
Hollywood did 'wrong' in the movie, i.e. that are not historically
accurate.  Because, of course, a lot of people will see the movie who
will never learn more about Turing, and they'll believe all the nonsense.

Like, Denniston wasn't trying to fire Turing all the time, Turing
didn't have a romance nor marriage with the sole female code clerk,
Bletchley was solving lots of Enigma messages by hand methods and
small bombes, long before Turing's larger chained bombes came into
operation, etc, etc, etc.

Hmm, the Wikipedia page has an entire section on "Historical accuracy",
but they want sourced statements there, not original research, so
we should publish elsewhere.  See:


I thought Neal Stephenson's treatment of Turing in Cryptonomicon,
while clearly fiction, did a lot less violence to the facts.


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