[Cryptography] Juniper & Dual_EC_DRBG

John Young jya at pipeline.com
Thu Dec 24 16:16:31 EST 2015

There are two versions of the doc Jake cited, differently redacted:

https://cryptome.org/2013/09/nsa-sigint-enabling-nyt-13-0905.pdf (one 
Jake cited)

https://cryptome.org/2013/09/nsa-sigint-enabling-guardian-13-0905.pdf (another)

A comparison of excerpts of the two versions cited:


At 02:04 PM 12/24/2015, you wrote:
>On 24/12/15 04:21, Jacob Appelbaum wrote: > I think you're on the 
>right path here. It makes sense from what we've > published about 
>their VPN decrypt capabilities. I think that anywhere > there is 
>Cavium, we'll find a "SIGINT enabled" VPN. Cavium is > repeatedly 
>mentioned in the archive and in documents. I distinctly remember the 
>'SIGINT Enabling' document which was published. It featured the 
>following redaction, which I found very odd:   (TS//SI//REL TO USA, 
>FVEY) Complete enabling for [?????????] encryption chips used in 
>Virtual Private Network and Web encryption devices. [CCP_00009] Can 
>you confirm if this redaction was referring to Cavium? Or if you are 
>referring to some other document, can you point me towards it? Or 
>are these unpublished documents? 
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