[Cryptography] What should I put in notifications to NSA?

Patrick Chkoreff patrick at rayservers.net
Fri Dec 18 10:17:52 EST 2015

At 02:01 PM 12/17/2015, John Levine wrote:

> Encryption technology is something that
> a non-insane person would use to encrypt stuff.

Henry Baker wrote on 12/17/2015 05:23 PM:

> Glad to hear it.  Here's some non-encryption software: ...

Now all Alice and Bob need is a shared strong 256-bit key obtained by
rolling 16-sided dice, and a shared high quality deterministic random
number generator.  They will avoid reusing any masking bits by always
starting from the last point plus the most recent "bytes processed"
output value.

They'd have to be *insaaaaane* to use that!

-- Patrick

P.S. Psst.  Can you point me to the high quality deterministic random
number generator?

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