[Cryptography] What should I put in notifications to NSA?

Henry Baker hbaker1 at pipeline.com
Thu Dec 17 18:20:39 EST 2015

At 03:09 PM 12/17/2015, Allen wrote:
>If the code you just posted is applying a one-time-pad or something similar, then I believe it would be classified as encryption software.  I believe it might be possible to submit a "classification request" if there is any uncertainty.  Note however that if your goal is simply to mess with someone, they might well respond in kind.

I use long bit-strings all the time for lots of things, including to represent sets.

Long bit-strings are also useful for data "striping" (think RAID), in order to achieve redundancy and resilience to errors and HW/SW failures.

I have no intention of "messing with someone".

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