[Cryptography] Photon beam splitters for "true" random number generation ?

Jerry Leichter leichter at lrw.com
Thu Dec 17 07:10:48 EST 2015

Those trying to draw a distinction between quantum - "real" - randomness and other physical randomness sources might find the following paper of interest:

Origin of probabilities and their application to the multiverse

Andreas Albrecht, Daniel Phillips
(Submitted on 5 Dec 2012 (v1), last revised 19 Nov 2014 (this version, v3))
We argue using simple models that all successful practical uses of probabilities originate in quantum fluctuations in the microscopic physical world around us, often propagated to macroscopic scales. Thus we claim there is no physically verified fully classical theory of probability. We comment on the general implications of this view, and specifically question the application of classical probability theory to cosmology in cases where key questions are known to have no quantum answer. We argue that the ideas developed here may offer a way out of the notorious measure problems of eternal inflation.


                                                        -- Jerry

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