[Cryptography] Photon beam splitters for "true" random number generation ?

Bertrand Mollinier Toublet crypto-metzdowd at bmt-online.org
Wed Dec 16 05:16:01 EST 2015

Stephen Wood said:

> I hope this isn't too off-topic, but for somebody looking for open-source, hardware TRNG for real-world server use, the selection is abysmally low. In fact I can only find two: a single person in San Francisco making them by hand, and the onerng, which became available just this month!

Stephen, since you’re bringing it up: I’d like to hear a few opinions from the group on that H/W TRNG from WaywardGeek, the one made by hand (https://www.tindie.com/products/WaywardGeek/infinite-noise/). My cynical gut feeling fires up all kinds of flashing red lights, but I might be missing something. 

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