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Two contexts -- prosecution under the law and prosecution of war.

Way up and hidden in this thread is this important thing for citizens:

     "The only interesting new bit of knowledge in 2013 was parallel

This important bit is getting lost in the reality of cryptography and
international bad guy risks.

For law enforcement the airtight case anchored with time and location data
a quality storyteller to prosecute an individual who must effectively prove
a negative.
This storytelling is very effective for prosecution of individuals in the
war on drugs.
Tools that facilitate parallel construction and prosecution by good and bad
is a serious social risk.

Consider officer and vehicle video camera records.  Unions in a local city
are demanding officers have access to
the video before completing their action report.  This allows the officer
to tell his story in a way that matches
evidence and is step one in parallel construction,  completed to the
disadvantage of the accused.  Officers
are trained to compose formulaic stories to make a case.

Parallel construction is not effective in the context of war between
nations or international groups.
Some would insert that Bush-2 constructed a threat to justify war.

Information and intent in communications with the controlling nation state
(with or without borders)  has value
here and is both easy to forge and difficult to obtain.   In this case
cryptography has proved a valuable and
serious tool in the conduct of offensive and defensive actions.  Enigma,
Purple, Magic...

The important side note is that storytellers are key.   Pundits on media
outlets are
story tellers.   Occasionally we see a fact rich discussion with an expert
by and large we are seeing professional storytellers paid to entertain and
gather eyeballs.

These two contexts -- prosecution under the law  and prosecution of
international crime and war are different.

A third context is competitive business communications.  Sony hack comes to
but while non violent it is often an international crime outside the reach
of US law
for the most part.   Cryptography is very important here.  Weakening
risks domestic and international commerce and fair play.  This alone covers
the strong encryption inside of Google.

The point I do not want to be lost is that law enforcement and citizens
need evidentiary tools in
contrast to parallel construction tools.    Stingray and licence plate
readers are serious tools for
parallel construction.   Encryption is 99 44/100% not a domestic crime
issue.  Storytellers
want parallel construction tools...

It should not lost on some that Ian Fleming was a journalist and naval
intelligence officer.
They say write what you know. For retired CIA officer Jason Matthews, it's
John le Carré  a British author of espionage novels worked for the Security
Service and
the Secret Intelligence Service.

Pay attention to the story tellers and story teller tools.

Encryption may be the best defense against a glib storyteller with an ax to
or an election to win.

And that is my story -- and I am sticking to it.

  T o m    M i t c h e l l
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