[Cryptography] Cryptography is not a science currently

ianG iang at iang.org
Mon Dec 7 20:32:21 EST 2015

On 6/12/2015 15:46 pm, Ryan Carboni wrote:
> The only interesting new
> bit of knowledge in 2013 was parallel construction. I had no idea that
> the federal government was //that// crooked.

There is one rule in spying that makes the difference between democracy 
and dictatorship:  The charter to break the law - which spying 
completely is because it is against the law in every other country - 
must never be used on ones own people.

That is the line in the sand that must never be crossed.  NSA crossed it.

(And so did every one of the 19 US agencies that cooperated with the 
bounty - but the responsibility ultimately lies in the hands of those 
with the charter to break the law.)


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