[Cryptography] TrueCrypt issues

Michael Kjörling michael at kjorling.se
Sat Dec 5 11:25:46 EST 2015

On 5 Dec 2015 16:01 +0000, from sacanoid at gmail.com (SacanoID):
> i dont have experience working with winhex perhaps u can give an
> hint/tip or suggest another tool?

Sorry to be blunt, but frankly, why should I (or we, on this list)
care more about your data than you apparently do?

_Having a solid backup regimen_ is the _first_ step in ensuring that
one is able to recover from storage mishaps. And storage mishaps
happen. (Now, if you'd _had_ backups and had the unfortunate situation
of the backup media going bad as you were attempting to restore the
backup, it would perhaps have been a different matter. But this list
_still_ probably wouldn't be the best place in which to seek help.)

Yes, the NTFS MFT is corrupted; your tools are telling you that much.
The TrueCrypt container may very well be corrupted beyond the header
that you restored. To what extent either is corrupted is impossible to
tell based on the information you have provided, but the sector number
and the MFT offset indicated would imply a storage device of at least
3*10^17 bytes (about 314,000 TB), which is clearly implausible.

I don't think you need a cryptography expert; rather, you need a data
recovery specialist, or possibly someone who knows the ins and outs of
TrueCrypt as a product and its on-disk format. Or, if that is out of
your budget, at least data recovery software. Now that you are able to
open the TrueCrypt container, the fact that the data is encrypted
on-disk should have limited bearing on any further problems, _if_
(which is a very big if) there is no further data corruption.

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