[Cryptography] TrueCrypt issues

SacanoID sacanoid at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 08:12:23 EST 2015

i don't have backups this is the problem..
this is not FDE, it's just a volume/partition of one disk encrypted..
I did a clone of the volume/partition using testdisk but then had to 
delete it cuz i was running without space..
at this point i think i just want to finish decryption at "Resume 
Interrupted Process",if this option its present its because it did not 
finish right?
do you recommend any software to detect volumes/partitions on disk and 
software to retrieve data from RAW volumes/partitions?
here TestCrypt detects this https://i.imgur.com/Uz9LRbN.jpg
this is the point where TrueCrypt "hanged" a bit 

On 04-12-2015 11:53, Michael Kjörling wrote:
> On 3 Dec 2015 19:51 +0000, from sacanoid at gmail.com (SacanoID):
>> the thing is i've did lots of mess,how do i get the data again
>> without doing more mess?
> You reformat and restore your most recent backup. You _do_ have
> backups, right?
> I don't use TrueCrypt (never have), but it sounds like the container
> has somehow become corrupted (which might possibly related to that
> unplugged cable you found). Once a FDE container becomes corrupted,
> it's often down to sheer luck whether you are able or not to recover
> the data. Simply enough, if the corruption hits the "right" spots, and
> assuming that the cryptography is proper and implemented correctly,
> even what would otherwise be trivial corruption affecting just a
> single file or folder (and often overcome fairly easily using common
> data recovery software) can easily lead to total data loss.
> Given the symptoms you describe, it appears that you have found
> yourself on the wrong side of this luck.
> I won't say that recovery is _impossible_ at this point; I don't know
> enough to make such a statement. But at this point, it certainly
> sounds like restoring from backup is the quickest way to get your data
> back.
> This type of failure is a reason why, when using full-disk encryption,
> solid backups is even _more important_ than otherwise (and they are
> already important in every case, because in the case of Our Data vs
> Universe, Universe has yet to lose).
> What you _should_ have done, before you started trying to fix this,
> was to make a low-level copy of your TrueCrypt container, and kept one
> of the copies pristine while working with the other. That would have
> allowed you to roll back any changes made and get back to the original
> broken state ("fixing" any additional corruption introduced by your
> attempts at recovery). If you want to keep troubleshooting, you
> _absolutely_ should do that now, before taking any further steps.

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