[Cryptography] Randomness for Cryptography wiki

Arnold Reinhold agr at me.com
Wed Oct 29 12:36:02 EDT 2014

We seem to be in the midst of another rearguing of the issues surrounding randomness generation for cryptography applications. The last time this happened, earlier this year, I suggested creating a wiki so these debates can at least be recorded once and for all, if not resolved. I started building one, but the discussion died down and I got busy with other things. 

I’d like to resurrect my proposal. The “Randomness for Cryptography” wiki I started is at http://en.diceware.shoutwiki.com/ I attempted to outline the subject, not to provide a definitive resource. I’d need a lot of help to accomplish the later, of course, and I’m not up for a solo effort. 

I spent some time researching wiki farms and shoutwiki seemed the best match. The Randomness for Cryptography wiki is ad supported at the moment, but ads can be removed for ~$50 a year, which I’d spring for if enough interest develops.

Right now this wiki is open for read, but private for write. I’m happy to give editing privileges to anyone here who wants them. You will need to open a (free) shoutwiki.com account first, then email me your user ID and I’ll do the necessary hocus-pocus. Note that all contributions must be released under a Creative Commons CC-BY 3.0 license. 

Please take a look.

Arnold Reinhold

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