[Cryptography] Infinite Noise or Firebug?

Dave Horsfall dave at horsfall.org
Mon Nov 17 14:43:44 EST 2014

On Mon, 17 Nov 2014, Bill Cox wrote:

> Firebug sounds too much like Firefox, everyone will think it's a Mozilla 
> thing..

I'd like to second that, if I may.

Firebug sounds "nasty" i.e. one of those USB sticks discussed here.

It reminds me of ShellShock (and other recent things, like Poodle).

In Australia, a firebug is an arsonist, and in this hot dry country they 
are regarded pretty much as the lowest of the low.

In Amateur radio parlance, a "firebug" (aka "glowbottle") is a valve (or 
"tube" for the USA readers).

> Given that it plays loose with acronymization (Fi != Fast, Bu != Bit), 
> Fartbig would be a closer and more memorable match.

Well, it's certainly memorable :-)  Can't see it catching on except 
amongst geeks, though.

> Peter and I have bounced a couple names back and forth.  What do you 
> think of Modular Multiplication Loop?  It is more descriptive of the 
> function than Infinite Noise Multiplier, or Firebug.  Other variations 
> might be Mod2 Multiplication/Multiplier Loop, Analog Modular Multiplier, 
> etc.

Too geeky, What does it do?  It's something that generates random bits, 
that fits into a pocket/handbag/pendant/etc.  Portabit i.e. portable bits?  
Just don't blame me if Aussies start calling it a Porta-Loo (a well-known 
brand of you-know-what)...

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