[Cryptography] Paranoia for a Monday Morning

Benjamin Kreuter brk7bx at virginia.edu
Tue Nov 4 19:52:59 EST 2014

On Tue, 2014-11-04 at 11:48 -0800, Henry Baker wrote:

> And yet the outcry continues for even more backdoors, but
> this time with "golden keys" !

Given that there is no market demand for such a thing, and increasing
demand for better security and improved privacy, the only way it will
happen is if a law is passed requiring it.  The FBI and DOJ have been
begging Congress for that law for decades, but it has not happened and I
doubt it will happen at this point.  No matter how many times the
intelligence and law enforcement agencies shout "terrorists" and "child
predators," people are more afraid of having their intimate photos
leaked than of some hypothetical terrorist attack.

-- Ben
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