[Cryptography] We need a new encryption algorithm competition.

ianG iang at iang.org
Tue Mar 18 21:41:59 EDT 2014

On 18/03/2014 23:06 pm, tpb-crypto at laposte.net wrote:

> Anybody knows of a such a motherboard that is a generic computer but comes with an FPGA built in? Not fancy, expensive kits for experimentation, just a motherboard with an FPGA to that interacts with the CPU to have fun. Anybody?

Not quite on the mark but:  Raspberry Pis are based on an ARM.  It turns
out that the ARM is a small part of the silicon, and the rest is a high
powered graphic processor, with something like o(10) of the silicon.
The manufacturer of the chip (Broadcom?) intended the chip to be SoC for
media players, so it was a licensed/prop/undoc'd API situation.  ARM
thrown in for fun.  With some badgering over a fairly long period by Mr
Raspberry, Broadcom have now released the specs for the graphics side.

So, for fun and games at a cheap price, you now get a big fat GPU on the
side of your tiny generic ARM.  The fun to bux ratio is very high.


ps; scuze details, I'm not a rPi guy, just passing on the chinese whispers.

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