[Cryptography] Bounties

Tom Mitchell mitch at niftyegg.com
Sat Mar 8 15:59:59 EST 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 4:41 PM, <dan at geer.org> wrote:

> So, Jim (et al.), you say "thief" w.r.t. Bitcoin.
> What odds do you give that the theft was a state-level op to
> derail the Bitcoin economy,

Zero odds.... there was just not enough money involved.
A state-level operation would have let it fester to the point
that it was serious money.
That is not to say that some do-gooder sitting inside a
state-level operations center would not take it upon himself
(ask Mr. North) and funnel the cash into some other operation
that was "sanctioned" but unfunded...  note the recent thefts.

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