[Cryptography] GHCQ Penetration of Belgacom

Guido Witmond guido at witmond.nl
Tue Dec 23 05:23:29 EST 2014

On 12/22/14 15:54, ianG wrote:

> When I was young enough to be a uni student there was a lot of research
> into hardware reliability and the notion of having alternate hardware
> implementations vote on results.  I though it all a bit of a woftam, but
> I wonder to what extent this research was encouraged by the knowledge
> that these sorts of attacks could be practical threats?

I remember a story that early time computers were so unreliable that
programmers did a multiplication directly after a division to verify the

Voting on results is a common technique in aircraft and other
environments with low tolerance to failure due to wear, electrical
glitches, cosmic radiation, etc.

Crypto could be seen as low tolerance to failure. However, verification
appears to be impossible: proof that there is no leak of key material...

Regards, Guido.

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