[Cryptography] GHCQ Penetration of Belgacom

Ray Dillinger bear at sonic.net
Thu Dec 18 13:03:42 EST 2014

On 12/17/2014 12:50 PM, Henry Baker wrote:

> China is aiming to *** purge most foreign technology *** from banks,
> the military, state-owned enterprises and key government agencies by
> 2020, stepping up efforts to shift to Chinese suppliers, according to
> people familiar with the effort.

Darn right they should.  So should we.  Given what we've learned
about hardware compromises, no nation should be trusting its
critical infrastructure to hardware manufactured in any other

As long as nations believe they can get foreign secrets by
compromising the security of domestic production, no producer
anywhere will be allowed to produce secure hardware.  The
only way to take away that belief is to make the fact false.

I would fully support a UN treaty whose signers agree to charge
at least a 100% tariff on all imports of chips, routers, switches,
and computers. And probably operating systems too while we're at
it, even though that's a huge moneymaker for the US.

It would mean everybody uses mostly domestically produced network
infrastructure, and thereby remove a huge motive for all
governments to force manufacturers to produce insecure network

And, at the same time, it would provide a motive (ie, self-
defense) to have their domestic manufacturers producing secure

In the interests of security *EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD* every
nation should be manufacturing its own infrastructure.  To do
otherwise is to provide governments with perverse incentives
that compromise everyone's security.


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