[Cryptography] A TRNG review per day: Skipping EntropyKey

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 00:39:40 EST 2014

If one's goal is to objectively review keys, then one must review the
keys without exception. Otherwise it throws cloud over things..
Any selections and exceptions must all have followed the same metric,
such as costing too much to procure for test, with pursuant requests
for loaners for review all denied by the manufacturer. With any relationships
disclosed or recused. "Respect" is subjective and not a valid reason,
nor is "critical review" not a form of praise. Reviewers need to develop
the goals, processes, test items, and policies of their reviews before
engaging in them. Unless one's goal is to be subjective, a good review
leaves that matter to the reader.

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