[Cryptography] A TRNG review per day: Skipping EntropyKey

Bill Cox waywardgeek at gmail.com
Mon Dec 15 19:25:11 EST 2014

I have been asked a few times now why I have not reviewed the EntropyKey.
The truth is, I have too much respect for it's authors to tear them down
with a critical review.  They deserve praise for their excellent work, and
little else.  However, I have seen no schematics, and though I didn't look
very hard, I did not find source code for the firmware either.

That said, I believe firmly that the EntropyKey authors are simply trying
to help the world be more secure.  Their motives are sound, as is the TRNG
they produce.  It is the key I would have bought if OneRNG had not come on
the scene.

So, if you like EntopyKey, you're not alone.  I have some differences of
opinion about the right technical direction, but I'll keep the rest of that
to myself.  Kudos to the EntropyKey team.  If they are interested in my
dumb opinions, I can always be contacted off-list

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