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> > [...] The dominant player in the mobile computing industry is, by the
> > of the word, not hipster. [...]
> Helloooo! Apple lost that position to Android by years already, if it
ever had that position, because when Apple claimed to be dominant in mobile
it was only smartphones, at that time Nokia dumb phones were still the bulk
of mobile.

Mobile includes laptops.

> Anyway, for the rest of your arguments, a million dollars donation
wouldn't make a dent to Apple's baseline but would have made all the
difference to the FreeBSD folks. Apple receives hate for it and that is
very deserved.

There is many, many, many organizations out there that have millions lying
around. Even private people do.

Point in question is whether Apple deserves hate for not giving it to
FreeBSD. The answer is no. The FreeBSD people could have a GNU liscense, if
they wanted code back. They could limit free distribution to
"organizations/private persons for whom a million dollar donation dents
it's/his/her baseline" and require other organizations to purchase a
license or contribute part of profit, etc.

They didn't, so they didn't want it, so Apple is right.

That seems wrong because of ethics. But you have to realize Apple's ethical
assertions package is different from yours, or freebsd's. Your package
evidently misses a catch-22 failsafe.
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