[Cryptography] InfoRequest: How to configure email clients to accept encrypted S/MIME

Phillip Hallam-Baker hallam at gmail.com
Fri Sep 20 17:09:09 EDT 2013

Working on Prism Proof email, I could use information on how to configure
various email clients to support S/MIME decryption using a previously
generated key package.

While descriptions of how the user can configure S/MIME would be nice, what
I am really after is information on the internals so that it would be
possible for a tool to do this configuration for the user automatically.

Info on where the account configuration data is stored would also be very

The end goal here is a tool that will generate and manage private keys and
configure their email clients so that they can read mail encrypted under

If we have the 'how to read encrypted mail well' side of things sorted
using this tool that leaves only the 'how to send encrypted mail well' as a
research problem.

Website: http://hallambaker.com/
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