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On 11 Sep 2013 18:37, "Bernie Cosell" <bernie at fantasyfarm.com> wrote:
> The recent flood of discussions has touched on many modern attacks on
> cryptosystems.   I'm long out of the crypto world [I last had a crypto
> clearance *before* differential cryptanalysys was public info!].  Attacks
> that leak a bit at a time strike me as amazing.  I remember reading about
> attacks that involved running chips at lower voltage than they were
> supposed to have and that somehow allowed them to be compromised, etc.
> Anyhow, are there any (not *too* technical) books on the modern
> techniques for attacking cryptosystems?

How modern is modern? :-)

I have modern cryptanalysys by Christopher Swenson (or at least did have
before it was loaned and I moved) and it was an excellent book and
crucially was very accessible. Also available in kindle format now. It is 5
years old now though.


>   Thanks.   /bernie\
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