[Cryptography] Opening Discussion: Speculation on "BULLRUN"

Jon Callas jon at callas.org
Sun Sep 8 13:35:57 EDT 2013

> 3) Shortly after the token indictment of Zimmerman (thus prompting widespread use and promotion of the RSA public key encryption algorithm), the Clinton administration's FBI then advocated a relaxation of encryption export regulations in addition to dropping all plans for the Clipper chip

I need to correct some facts, especially since I'm seeing this continue to get repeated.

Phil was never charged, indicted, sued, or anything else. He was *investigated*. He was investigated for export violations, not for anything else. Being investigated is bad enough, but that's what happened. The government dropped the investigation in early 1996.

The government started the investigation because they were responding to a complaint from RSADSI that Phil and team violated export control. As Phill noted, there was the secondary issue of the dispute over the RSA patent license, but that was a separate issue. RSADSI filed the complaint with the government that started the investigation.


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