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On 09/07/2013 12:04 AM, Ben Laurie wrote:
> On 26 August 2013 22:43, Perry E. Metzger <perry at piermont.com 
> <mailto:perry at piermont.com>> wrote:
>     (I would prefer to see hybrid capability systems in such
>     applications, like Capsicum, though I don't think any such have been
>     ported to Linux and that's a popular platform for such work.)
> FWIW, we're working on a Linux port of Capsicum. Help is always 
> welcome :-)
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I implemented a lightweight, tightly-focused (well, it started out that 
way), capabilities-like system for Android kernels last year. It was a 
monumental PITA
    largely due to interior kernel-side APIs changing so frequently 
across kernel versions.

We had mechanisms for binding "capabilities" to ELF binaries in a way 
that the kernel could verify.

The project failed, largely because it kept being dragged around by 
marketing so often, that we never got it really nicely robust in any 
given direction.
   "This week, it's a floor polish.  Next week, it's a turbine 
maintenance system."

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