[Cryptography] People should turn on PFS in TLS

The Doctor drwho at virtadpt.net
Fri Sep 6 23:49:34 EDT 2013

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On 09/06/2013 09:02 PM, Chris Palmer wrote:

> First time I've heard of 128-bit symmetric called "weak"... Sure,
> RC4 isn't awesome but they seem to be saying that 128-bit keys per
> se are weak.

calomel.org may be erring on the side of "weak" due to known
vulnerabilities in RC4.

> Without good server authentication, the other stuff doesn't
> matter.

I am inclined to agree with you.

> With Chrome, you get key pinning when talking to some sites
> (including Google sites, Tor, and Twtitter); I'd much rather have
> that and "only" 128-bit symmetric. Also, I don't know why you
> weren't getting forward secrecy; check your Firefox configuration.

I did some poking around inside its configuration and it does not seem
to be negotiating upward in strength, but for whatever it can get (see
other post this evening).  I am uncertain as to why; some
investigation is in order, but slash/burn/upgrade may be safest.

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