[Cryptography] Snowden "fabricated digital keys" to get access to NSA servers?

Phillip Hallam-Baker hallam at gmail.com
Thu Jul 4 14:47:16 EDT 2013

I read an article today that claims one and a half million people have a
Top Secret clearance.

That kind of demonstrates how little Top Secret now means.

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 2:16 PM, Florian Weimer <fw at deneb.enyo.de> wrote:

> * John Gilmore:
> > [John here.  Let's try some speculation about what this phrase,
> > "fabricating digital keys", might mean.]
> Most likely, as part of his job at the contractor, he had
> administrator access to a system which was used for key management,
> perhaps to apply security updates, manage backups or fix the
> occasional glitch.  This is precisely the kind of low-level grunt work
> that I expect is outsourced to contractors.
> It's also possible that he was directly charged with key management.
> I can image that someone thought that as long as some agency committee
> made the actual decisions, it was fine to hire an external data typist
> who entered the committee decision in to the key management system.
> It's really funny that "NSA-level security" has now turned pejorative.
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