towards https everywhere and strict transport security (was: Has there been a change in US banking regulations recently?)

Richard Salz rsalz at
Fri Aug 27 00:38:26 EDT 2010

(For what it's worth, I find your style of monocase and ellipses so 
incredibly difficult to read that I usually delete your postings unread.)

> as previously mentioned, somewhere back behind everything else ... there
> is strong financial motivation in the sale of the SSL domain name 
> certificates.

I don't doubt that this was true when it was the secure sockets layer and 
"e-commerce on the web" were just starting up.  But I don't think it's 
accurate any longer. Or rather, who cares how VRSN wants to make money? :) 
 Verisign owns a large portion of the CA market; their market-cap is 
US$5B. Google's is US$143B, Apple's is US$220B and Microsoft's is US$206B. 
I mention Google because they are very involved and influential in 
Internet infrastructure, and Apple because many believe they will be 
dominant content delivery system, and Microsoft because they were a 
sponsor of the original SDSI research (

If someone has a better mousetrap, there's several places that can make it 
happen and swallow 44% of the SSL market (
) with nary a burp.


STSM, WebSphere Appliance Architect

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