A mighty fortress is our PKI, Part II

Thor Lancelot Simon tls at rek.tjls.com
Wed Aug 11 12:36:11 EDT 2010

On Wed, Aug 04, 2010 at 10:46:44PM -0700, Jon Callas wrote:
> I think you'll have to agree that unlike history, which starts out as
> tragedy and replays itself as farce, PKI has always been farce over the
> centuries. It might actually end up as tragedy, but so far so good. I'm
> sure that if we look further, the Athenians had the same issues with it
> that we do today, and that Sophocles had his own farcical commentary.

If you want to see a PKI tragedy in the making, have a look at the CRLs
used by the US DoD.


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