$20 bounty for errors in _Disappearing Cryptography_

Peter Wayner pcw2 at flyzone.com
Tue Jun 3 14:45:28 EDT 2008

I'm working on the third edition of _Disappearing Cryptography_ right  
now. If anyone knows of any technical errors in the second edition,  
I'm willing to pay $20 for the first person to report each technical  

The bounty can't apply to grammatical errors because of the  
complexity of the language. I reserve the right to (1) decide on  
whether something is a legitimate technical error and (2) give out  
more than one award if several people send in the same bug report and  
seem to be genuinely independent. The limit is just meant to stop  
people from minting money.


-Peter Wayner
p3 at wayner.org

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