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Fri Dec 26 01:35:43 EST 2008


Jonathan Zittrain's[0] latest book, 'The Future of the Internet and  
How to Stop It', is available as a free PDF licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA:


While not dealing with cryptography per se, it does focus on the wider  
implications of the worsening situation in modern computer security,  
and what it means for the new computing platforms we're seeing now and  
in the future. Zittrain is one of the foremost cyberlaw thinkers on  
the planet; given a number of discussions on this list, I thought the  
book would be of interest to subscribers.

[0] <>


The DC-based Center for Strategic and International Studies recently  
released a report titled 'Securing Cyberspace for the 44th Presidency'  
written by a number of influential authors:


Of most interest to this list, the report suggests going on the  
offensive with regard to identity management, proposing to restrict  
bonuses and awards of US federal agencies not using strong digital  
credentials for employees in sufficient numbers (logical pp. 61-65).  
Maybe, uh, it'll work this time around?


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