AES HDD encryption was XOR

Jon Callas jon at
Mon Dec 8 23:53:18 EST 2008

> In the NBC TV episode of /Chuck/ a couple of weeks ago, the NSA  
> cracked
> "a 512-bit AES cipher" on a flash drive "trying every possible key".
> "Could be hours, could be days."  (Only minutes in TV land.)
> (Chuck Versus The Fat Lady, 4th segment, at 26:19)
> It's no wonder that folks are deluded, pop culture reinforces this.

No, this is simple to do.

What you is to start with a basic cracking engine. And then you add  
another one an hour later, and then an hour later add two, then add  
four the next hour and so on.

If you assume that the first cracker can do 2^40 keys per second, then  
you're guaranteed to complete in 472 hours, which is only 20 days. And  
of course there's always the chance you'd do it in the first hour.

For those who doubt being able to double the cracking power, Moore's  
law proves this is possible.



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