"Cube" cryptanalysis?

James Muir jamuir at cs.smu.ca
Wed Aug 20 12:12:56 EDT 2008

Greg Rose wrote:
> Basically, any calculation with inputs and outputs can be represented as 
>  an (insanely complicated and probably intractable) set of binary 
> multivariate polynomials. So long as the degree of the polynomials is 
> not too large, the method allows most of the nonlinear terms to be 
> cancelled out, even though the attacker can't possibly handle them. Then 
> you solve a tractable system of linear equations to recover key (or 
> state) bits.

I would like to know how Dinur and Shamir's work differs from Courtois' 
previous work on Algebraic cryptanalysis of block ciphers.  It is a 
refinement of Courtois' technique?  Greg, do you, or someone else have 
some insight on this?


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