Estimated 10 million dollars lost in parking meter fraud

James Muir jamuir at
Mon Apr 21 20:25:28 EDT 2008

michael taylor wrote:
> <>
> The city is playing a $10M game of catchup to stymie thieves using
> bogus credit cards to get free parking

An assuming read. The article mentions the "Europark Card"; you buy it 
online for $15 (the web site is still up) and it gets you free parking 
in various cities in Australia, US, and Canada.  Here is a link to a 
demo video on YouTube:

Unlike the recent Oyster Card crack (London, UK), Toronto's "free" 
parking problem does not seem to have been caused by bad cryptography -- 
at least, there is no mention of cryptography in the article.  It goes 
to show that there's more to systems security than just crypto.


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