Estimated 10 million dollars lost in parking meter fraud

michael taylor mctylr at
Mon Apr 21 14:35:15 EDT 2008


The city is playing a $10M game of catchup to stymie thieves using
bogus credit cards to get free parking

By Joe Warmington (Toronto Sun)
Fri, April 18, 2008

It is true some of Toronto's pay and display parking metres were duped
last year by plastic gift cards and other phony credit card replicas
in what may have been a million-dollar fraud.

The good news though is Toronto's parking meters can no longer be
compromised by such cards. The bad news is up until recently, thanks
to the ingenuity of some alleged fraudsters, they were.

On the heels of Toronto Police arresting a Scarborough man for
operating an illegal parking card ring, the Toronto Parking Authority
(TPA) has made equipment adjustments that should prevent such a fraud
from happening again.

Councillor Rob Ford is calling it a $10-million goof to fix this problem.

But TPA president Gwyn Thomas says it must be remembered it was
"illegal activity" that caused this and that the $10-million was part
of normal technological upgrades that were necessary anyway.


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