flavors of reptile lubricant, was Another Snake Oil Candidate

Charles Jackson clj at jacksons.net
Thu Sep 13 20:49:05 EDT 2007

Well, I don't want to start a flame war (drop me a note offline if I'm
coming across as doing so), but I do want to respond to one point.  

Ali Saqib wrote:

> I don't like the "Military Grade AES Encryption" phrase that IronDrive
> uses on their website, cause that implies they know what Military is
> using. Maybe somebody should notify DoD that these IronDrive folks
> know what Military uses to encrypt info ;-)
> But other then that I don't see any Snake Oil Crypto like
> techno-babble used by IronDrive Marketing.

Similarly, Aram Perez objected to the use of "Military Grade" in the IronKey
promotional materials

However, according to those promotional materials IronKey uses AES-I think
AES-256 although I can't find a reference to 256-bit key use in the chip.  

According to Wikipedia the U.S. Department of Defense (NSA) has certified
AES for Type-1 applications in the U.S. government.  See also, CNSSP-15 and
http://www.nsa.gov/ia/industry/crypto_suite_b.cfm  A little exploring of the
net finds a number of documents that my browser says are housed on domains
ending in .mil that mention the use of AES-in particular for communications
between U.S. and coalition forces.  I think these facts qualify AES as
"military grade."  

Chuck Jackson

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