Another Snake Oil Candidate

Ian G iang at
Thu Sep 13 08:14:13 EDT 2007

Hagai Bar-El wrote:
> Hi,
> On 12/09/07 08:56, Aram Perez wrote:
>> The IronKey appears to provide decent security while it is NOT plugged
>> into a PC. But as soon as you plug it in and you have to enter a
>> password to unlock it, the security level quickly drops. This would be
>> the case even if they supported Mac OS or *nix.
>> As I stated in my response to Jerry Leichter, in my opinion, their
>> marketing department is selling snake oil.
> I think there is a difference between a product that is susceptible to
> an attack and the pure distilled 100% natural snake oil, as we usually
> define it.

So, is snake oil:

    * a crap product?
    * a fine product with weaknesses?
    * a marketing campaign that goes OTT?
    * a term used to slander the opposing security model?
    * an adjective that applies to any of the above?


OTT == over-the-top, excessive and dangerous.  Derives from 
WW1 trench warfare.

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