Another Snake Oil Candidate

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Wed Sep 12 17:43:33 EDT 2007


On 12/09/07 08:56, Aram Perez wrote:
> The IronKey appears to provide decent security while it is NOT plugged
> into a PC. But as soon as you plug it in and you have to enter a
> password to unlock it, the security level quickly drops. This would be
> the case even if they supported Mac OS or *nix.
> As I stated in my response to Jerry Leichter, in my opinion, their
> marketing department is selling snake oil.

I think there is a difference between a product that is susceptible to
an attack and the pure distilled 100% natural snake oil, as we usually
define it.

Indeed, the encrypted USB token is susceptible to sniffing of the
password on the PC where it is entered. But in my opinion this is not
the type of flaw that snake oils the product, because:

1. It's a limitation that also exists in the state of the art products
of its type. That is, nobody could ever do better (I think).
2. It therefore does not reflect complete lack of understanding on the
developer's side...

So perhaps it's not pure snake oil but just a product with an attack
vector; most products have at least one.

Actually, this product is (almost) the first one that I saw which
actually bothers to deal with the brute-force attack vector, which does
exist in many other similar products. So it's not perfect, and I would
certainly not bet my life on it, probably not even my life's data, but
it's reasonable.


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