ITU-T recommendations for X.509v3 certificates

Richard Salz rsalz at
Tue Nov 6 23:17:11 EST 2007

> I'm looking for a halfway self-contained set of ITU-T recommendations
> which are relevant for implementing X.509v3 certificates.  The
> references in RFC 3280 appear to be incomplete; for instance, a
> reference for ASN.1 itself is missing.

The ITU/ISO ASN1 standards are available for free download; see

> Or is it unreasonable to expect that the specs match what is actually
> needed for interoperability with existing implementations (mostly in the
> TLS, S/MIME area)?

It's no worse than any other spec-vs-reality.  You're more likely to find 
issues with the IETF specs layered on top of ASN1 than with ASN1 itself.


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