Hushmail in U.S. v. Tyler Stumbo

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Fri Nov 2 01:17:24 EDT 2007

Jon Callas <jon at> writes:

> Hushmail is not a scam.  They do a very good job of explaining what
> they do, what they cannot do, and against which threats they
> protect.  You may quibble all you want with its *effectiveness* but
> they are not a scam.  A scam is being dishonest.

Failure to tell the whole truth is a form of dishonesty, just as is
telling a lie.

By silently, implicitly adopting a narrow definition of "security",
Hush are able to claim "Only Hush's solution provides such a high
level of security combined with total ease of use." [1]

The larger truth is that a consequence of using Hushmail is that
record of when, with whom, and the size of each communication is
available to Hush, even though the content is concealed.

According to the original poster, it's these kinds of data that
Hushmail was required to turn over to the US DEA.

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