Hushmail in U.S. v. Tyler Stumbo

Jon Callas jon at
Thu Nov 1 23:20:41 EDT 2007

On Nov 1, 2007, at 3:57 PM, John Levine wrote:

>> I'm sorry, but that's a slur. Hushmail is not a scam. They do a very
>> good job of explaining what they do, what they cannot do, and against
>> which threats they protect.
> Have you looked at Hushmail lately?

I am only quarreling with the word "scam."

Yes, I have. They have their with Java option and their without Java  
option, and even the "Express" option. Look at:


which has a very nice description of each system, and what  
vulnerabilities there are with each. There are many things one might  
say about the without Java option. They might include, "doesn't meet  
my security needs" or "I can't imagine what would possess someone to  
use the non-Java version." But it's not a scam.


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