OT: SSL certificate chain problems

Massimiliano Pala pala at cs.dartmouth.edu
Wed Jan 24 17:08:46 EST 2007


you should provide the whole chain starting from the CA that issued the server
cert. Be careful, though, because you should *NOT* provide the root cert
in the chain as well.

Moreover you should use the:


not the SSLCACertificateFile (which is for client auth).


Travis H. wrote:
> Hi,
> This is not really typical of the traffic on this list, hence the OT.
> I send it because I think this is one of the few places where I'll
> find some people with deep understanding of SSL certs.
> Recently I had an issue where Google checkout would not accept an
> SSL certificate because Apache didn't present the entire hierarchy,
> just the site certificate itself.  The CA was Thawte.  What Google
> said was that many browsers supply missing certs as needed, but
> apparently their software did not.
> The fix would seem to be easy; just put the right CA root cert in the
> SSLCACertFile directive. or point to the directory with SSLCACertPath.
> However, I've tried over and over with various root CA certs
> downloaded from Thawte, and with one intermediate CA cert, and various
> combinations thereof, but with no sucess.


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