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Weger, B.M.M. de b.m.m.d.weger at
Sun Dec 2 12:10:37 EST 2007

Hi William,

> > ... We say so on
> > the website. We did show this hiding of collisions for other data 
> > formats, such as X.509 certificates
> More interesting.  Where on your web site?  I've long abhorred the
> X.509 format, and was a supporter of a more clean alternative.


> > Our real work is chosen-prefix collisions combined with 
> > multi-collisions. This is crypto, it has not been done before,
> Certainly it was done before! 

I was referring to MD5. Apart from that, I'd be interested in
seeing references to older work on chosen-prefix multicollisions.

> What *would* be crypto is the quantification of where MDx 
> currently falls on the computational spectrum.

Our first chosen-prefix collision attack has complexity of about
2^50, as described in our EuroCrypt 2007 paper. This has been 
considerably improved since then. In the full paper that is in
preparation we'll give details of those improvements.


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