PlayStation 3 predicts next US president

William Allen Simpson william.allen.simpson at
Sun Dec 2 11:51:24 EST 2007

Weger, B.M.M. de wrote:
>> The parlor trick demonstrates a weakness of the pdf format, not MD5.
> I disagree. We could just as easy have put the collision blocks
> in visible images.

Parlor trick.

> ... We could just as easy have used MS Word
> documents, or any document format in which there is some way
> of putting a few random blocks somewhere nicely.

Parlor trick.

> ... We say so on
> the website. We did show this hiding of collisions for other data
> formats, such as X.509 certificates

More interesting.  Where on your web site?  I've long abhorred the
X.509 format, and was a supporter of a more clean alternative.

> ... and for Win32 executables.
Parlor trick.

So far, all the things you mention require the certifier to be suborned.

> Our real work is chosen-prefix collisions combined with
> multi-collisions. This is crypto, it has not been done before,

Certainly it was done before!  We talked about it more than a decade ago.
We knew that what was "computationally infeasible" would become feasible.

Every protocol I've designed or formally reviewed is protected against the
chosen prefix attack.  (To qualify, where I had final say.  I've reviewed
badly designed protocols, such as IKE/ISAKMP.  And I've been overruled by
committee from time to time....)

What *would* be crypto is the quantification of where MDx currently falls
on the computational spectrum.

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