A new generation of hash functions SNMAC

vlastimil.klima at volny.cz vlastimil.klima at volny.cz
Sat Nov 4 05:24:36 EST 2006

We would like to announce:
- A new cryptographic primitive SBC (special block cipher) 
- A family of hash functions SNMAC as candidates for hash functions of
new generation

The paper "A New Concept of Hash Functions SNMAC Using a Special Block
Cipher and NMAC/HMAC Constructions" was sent to EUROCRYPT 2007. Its
extended version is available as IACR eprint Report 2006/376, http://eprint.iacr.org/2006/376.pdf.

We ought to publish concrete instances of SBC (special block cipher DN)
and of SNMAC (hash function HDN) on SNMAC homepage as soon as it will
be possible (waiting for an approval of the publication).
SNMAC homepage: http://cryptography.hyperlink.cz/SNMAC/SNMAC_EN.html

The paper contains also an explanation why we need the new cryptographic
primitive for hash functions. It also describes the procedure, which
led to proposals of SBC and SNMAC. We hope that the new concept will
be discussed.

Vlastimil Klima, http://cryptography.hyperlink.cz/

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