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Please note that the USEC'07 submission deadline has been extended  
from November 5 to November 12.  This workshop will be co-located  
with Financial Cryptography and Data Security (FC'07).  Please notify  
your colleagues of the new deadline, and encourage them to make a  

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Usable Security (USEC'07)

February 15-16, 2007
Lowlands, Scarborough, Trinidad/Tobago

A workshop co-located with
The Eleventh Conference on Financial Cryptography and Data Security  

Submissions Due Date EXTENDED: November 12, 2006, 11:59pm, PST

Some of the most challenging problems in designing and maintaining  
secure systems involve human factors. A great deal remains to be  
understood about users' capabilities and motivations to perform  
security tasks. Usability problems have been at the root of many  
widely reported security failures in high-stakes financial,  
commercial and voting applications.

USEC'07 seeks submissions of novel research from academia and  
industry on all theoretical and practical aspects of usable security  
in the context of finance and commerce. The workshop will bring  
together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners,  
allowing experts in human-computer interaction, cryptography, data  
security and public policy to explore emerging problems and solutions.

==    Organizers    ==

Program Chair: Rachna Dhamija, Harvard University

Program Committee:
     Ross Anderson, University of Cambridge	
     Steven Bellovin, Columbia University
     Dan Boneh, Stanford University
     Simson Garfinkel, Harvard University
     Raquel Hill, Indiana University
     Jason Hong, Carnegie Mellon University
     Burt Kaliski, RSA Security and RSA Laboratories
     Robert Miller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     Andrew Patrick, National Research Council Canada
     Angela Sasse, University College London
     Dan Schutzer, Financial Services Technology Consortium
     Sean Smith, Dartmouth College
     J. D. Tygar, U.C. Berkeley
     Paul van Oorschot, Carleton University
     Ka-Ping Yee, U.C. Berkeley
     Tara Whalen, Dalhousie University

General Chair: Stuart Schechter, MIT Lincoln Laboratory

==    Submission Categories    ==

USEC'07 invites submissions in three categories: (1) research papers,  
(2) abstracts and demos, and (3) working sessions. For all accepted  
submissions, at least one author must attend the conference and  
present the work.

Research Papers

Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have  
been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a  
conference with proceedings. Research  paper submissions should be at  
most 12 pages, excluding bibliography and appendices (appendices may  
include usability study materials and data).

Accepted submissions will appear both in a pre-proceedings, available  
at the workshop, and in a formal proceedings. After receiving  
feedback from the workshop, authors will have the opportunity to  
revise their papers before submitting a camera-ready draft for the  
final proceedings.

Abstracts and Demos

Submissions in this category should consist of a short summary of  
work (1-3 pages in length) to be reviewed by the Program Committee,  
along with a short biography of the presenters. Accepted submissions  
will be presented at the conference, and a one-page abstract will be  
published in the conference proceedings. Where appropriate, software  
or hardware demonstrations are encouraged as part of the  
presentations in these sessions.

Working Sessions

We are soliciting topics for working sessions at the intersection of  
usability, security, finance and commerce. Working sessions will  
explore topics in depth with significant participation from audience  
members. Proposals for working sessions should include the proposed  
topic, format (e.g., panel of invited experts, moderated discussion  
session, design exercises), prospective participants, time required  
and a plan for engaging participation from audience members.

==    Important Dates    ==

     Paper Submission:                                  November 12,  
     Author Notification:                                  December  
15, 2006
     Camera-ready for Pre-Proceedings:   January 31, 2007
     FC'07 Dates:                                              
February 12-15, 2007
     USEC'07 Dates:                                       February  
15-16, 2007
     Camera-ready for Final Proceedings: March 15, 2007

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