Call for Participation: HOPE#6, July 21-23

Dominick LaTrappe seraf at
Fri Mar 17 12:20:58 EST 2006


The sixth HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth) conference is taking place this
summer, on July 21-23 at New York City's Hotel Pennsylvania.  This is a
semi-unofficial invitation to the members of this list, to participate in
this unique event.

The HOPE Number Six conference is inviting proposals for:

    - conference-style presentations on all matters of technology,
      especially those with security or social relevance;

    - exhibitions of all scale, including demonstrations, artworks, 
      on-site collaborations, etc.; and,

    - vendor displays.

Not including the auditorium areas, there is an additional 20,000 square
feet, or 1800 square meters, of space for all types of relevant
activities to take place.

As usual, we expect the conference to attract thousands of attendees
from diverse groups.  As a participant, your audience and collaborators
will include technology professionals, scientists and academics,
underground researchers and engineers, artists, activists, journalists,
spooks, a few celebrities, and many individuals overlapping and/or
defying these categories.

The official Call for Participation and other information can be found 
at: <>

Please submit your proposals to <speakers(at)2600(dot)com>.

Thanks, and hope to see you there!


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