NPR : E-Mail Encryption Rare in Everyday Use

Peter Thoenen eol1 at
Wed Mar 1 19:26:09 EST 2006

--- John W Noerenberg II <jwn2 at> wrote:
> Oh really?  Then you should be able to send a note to my gmail
> address.

So I have been reading this thread for the last couple days and the
above comment gives me a chance to voice something that really needs to
be said.  Let's face it, a large chunk of emails (including work and
official emails) are sent from folks personal yahoo, google, hotmail,
AOL, etc etc accounts via web based interfaces.  Hell  even lots of
official work accounts are going webmail now days as anything to make
like better for the ignorant worker.  We keep talking about tools and
email client integration but everybody seems to be missing the obvious.
 Where are the inline integrated webmail authentication tools and don't
say copy / paste.

Until we solve this problem, I don't see mom and pop signing their
emails automatically and / or transparently.  

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