ECC patents?

James A. Donald jamesd at
Fri Sep 16 23:52:52 EDT 2005

Whyte, William" <WWhyte at>
> $25MM figure:

I stand corrected.

However as was pointed out previously:
: :	Further, the license would be limited to only 
: :	prime field curves where the prime was 
: :	greater than 2255. On the NIST list of curves 
: :	3 out of the 15 fit this field of use: the 
: :	prime field curves with primes of 256 bits, 
: :	384 bits and 521 bits.

Of the NIST list of fifteen, nine are 256 bits or 

Presumably, if NSA thought certicom had a case, they 
would have licensed at least the other six NIST curves
as well, and most likely the other twelve.

The three curves that are licensed look different from 
the other twelve, though I have no idea of the 
significance of this, if any. 

         James A. Donald

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