Secure Science issues preview of their upcoming block cipher

Adam Shostack adam at
Thu Mar 24 19:15:42 EST 2005

Really?  How does one go about proving the security of a block cipher?

My understanding is that you, and others, perform attacks against it,
and see how it holds up.  Many of the very best minds out there
attacked AES, so for your new CS2 cipher to be "provably just as
secure as AES-128," all those people would have had to have spent as
much time and energy as they did on AES.  That strikes me as unlikely,
there's a lot more interest in hash functions today.


PS: I've added the cryptography mail list to this.  Some of the folks
over there may be interested in your claims.

On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 05:00:25PM -0800, BugTraq wrote:
| Secure Science is offering a preview of one of the 3 ciphers they will 
| be publishing througout the year. The CS2-128 cipher is a 128-bit block 
| cipher with a 128 bit key. This cipher is proposed as an alternative 
| hardware-based cipher to AES, being that it is more efficient in 
| hardware, simpler to implement, and provably just as secure as AES-128.
| -- 
| Best Regards,
| Secure Science Corporation
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