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Ben Laurie ben at
Thu Sep 30 05:38:15 EDT 2004

Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Ben Laurie <ben at> writes:
>>Oh yeah, another gem from the eVAT FAQ:
>>"The Government Gateway and Digital Certificate authorities do not currently
>>support the use of Digital Certificates on Apple Macintosh"
>>Well, of course not, because everyone knows that Apple X.509 is completely
>>different from Microsoft X.509. Duh.
> I've seen this one before, this happens when the CA generates your private key
> and emails it to you, a relatively common practice.  Since the Mac can't
> import the PFX/PKCS #12 files used by MSIE/CryptoAPI, you can't use them on
> the Macintosh.

I forgot to check for that (which would make the CA unusable from my 
POV), but circumstantial evidence leads me to believe that at least one 
of the supported CAs doesn't suffer from this fatal flaw.



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